Cumulatively, the firm’s management team has experience of more than 100 years, has managed more than 90,000 client locations and waste revenues that exceeded $50 million annually.

Today, they have teamed up to offer the management services that companies expect and deserve in the ever-changing waste removal industry.

Team member biographies


Robert Ryan - Founder and CEO

Rob founded New Market Equipment Co. in 2000 which currently does business under the name New Market Waste Solutions and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Rob has strived to create a waste services and recycling brokerage firm that is national in scale and provides commercial customers with unparalleled customer service at significant cost savings. Rob has over 18 years of national waste and waste management experience. In 1992, he founded and built a top tier management company, Eco Tec Management Services. Eco Tec serviced and supported over 20,000 locations across the country and managed in excess of $30 million in annual revenue. Eco Tec achieved an unprecedented client satisfaction rating and Rob sold the industry leading company in September 1999 to pursue other interests which ultimately led to the start up of New Market Equipment Co.

Kevin LeSage - Partner and CFO

Kevin joined the New Market Waste team in 2009 as Chief Financial Officer and co-owner/partner. Kevin came to New Market after nine years with Wachovia Securities where he was a Sr. Vice President/Director in the Capital Markets Division. His experience was within the Fixed Income group where he was a Sr. Industry Analyst and Asset Manager covering the Chemicals, Metals/Mining, Lodging, Business Services, and Gaming industries. Prior to banking, Kevin was a Management Consultant in the Washington D.C. area for six years working with various branches of the Department of Defense. Kevin’s credentials include undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Finance, the CPA, and an MBA in Finance and Operations.

Mark Stack - Executive Vice President of Operations

Mark joined the New Market Waste team in 2007 as Executive Vice President of Operations. Mark manages our Customer Service and Account Management departments and works daily with our vendors to provide our customers with an outstanding experience and a customized program for all garbage and recycling needs. Mark’s most valuable quality is his ability to work with haulers to find the absolute best prices for our customers. Mark began his career with USA Waste in 1995. From USA Waste, he went on to work at Waste Management for over 10 years and rose throughout the ranks to Western Carolinas Sales Manager. Mark received his Bachelor’s in Communications from Appalachian State University.

Stephanie Buie- Vice President of Business Development

Stephanie joined the New Market team in 2015 as Vice President of Business Development. Stephanie came to us after 11 years of waste and recycling experience with both a direct hauler and a consulting firm. She has a proven track record of penetrating large competitively held accounts by utilizing a consultative selling approach. Although her background was focused on commercial real estate owners and managers, she has experience handling programs for various segments in the industry on both on a local and national level. Stephanie graduated in 2003 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus on Public Relations.

Doug Kiger- Manager, Special Projects

Doug joined the New Market Waste team in 2012 as a Customer Service Representative. While providing daily top service for our clients in their waste and recycling needs, Doug has grown into our Special Projects Manager. He oversees various projects throughout the year with the Sales and Account Management Department. He also assists in the equipment rental and purchases for existing and new clients. Before coming to New Market Waste, Doug spent 5 years in the Customer Service Management field. Doug graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Marketing.

Cynthia Anderson - Senior Account Manager

Cynthia joined the New Market Waste team in 2008 as a Senior Account Manager. She handles billing, reporting and customer service for several of our biggest customer accounts. In addition to her day-to-day duties, Cynthia also handles numerous special projects including efforts in sustainability reporting, new business development, and customer retention. Cynthia came to us after 21 years at Waste Management. Cynthia excelled in her positions as Customer Service Manager and Account Manager. Her responsibilities included management of over 3,000 accounts and relationships including Duke Energy. Inducted twice into Waste Management’s Circle of Excellence is just one example of her dedication and commitment to the customer. Cynthia also served on the Board of Directors for Keep Gastonia Beautiful for 15 years and was awarded Volunteer of the Year twice for her service. Cynthia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Winthrop University.

Sheila Wood - Senior Account Manager

Shelia joined the New Market Waste team in 2008 as a Senior Account Manager. Shelia is responsible for managing, billing, reporting and customer service for a large portfolio of customers. She focuses on right sizing our customer’s waste programs and actively manages vendor pricing to achieve the maximum cost savings possible while ensuring excellent service. Shelia worked at Waste Management for over 13 years and was responsible for managing over 2900 accounts in seven counties for the Charlotte-Granite Quarry divisions. She was instrumental in managing these accounts and relationships such as S&D Coffee, Phillip Morris, Alcoa and Kimberly Clark.

Kelly McHugh - Senior Account Manager

Kelly joined the New Market Waste team in 2011 as a Senior Account / Sales Manager. Kelly manages a portfolio of customers, addressing all customer service needs while providing cost effective solutions through detailed waste audits. Kelly utilizes her skills in developing new opportunities for New Market Waste. Kelly has over 9 years of industry experience with Waste Management. During her tenure at Waste Management Kelly held several positions, including Outside Sales to commercial and industrial customers, Account Manager servicing and managing a book of business of 2,800 accounts including Parkdale Mills, Bic Corporation and PPG Industries. Kelly also has experience in the manufacturing and light industrial field, including special waste, universal and hazardous waste streams.

Jackie Dargavel - Senior Account Manager

Jackie joined the New Market Waste team in 2008 as Accounts Payable Specialist. In her passion for customer and vendor relations, Jackie graduated into an Account Management position with New Market in 2010. Jackie graduated Cum Laude in 2008 from Queens University of Charlotte, where she earned a B.A. in English and Communications.

Hayley Nester - Senior Account Manager

Hayley joined the New Market Waste team in 2010 as the Sales and Marketing Assistant. Hayley's responsibilities were for all aspects of sales and marketing including managing New Market’s website, developing sales presentations, and designing marketing materials. Through her strong relationships with our clients and vendors, Hayley quickly grew into the role of Account Manager. Hayley graduated in 2010 from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing.

Abbey Campbell - Customer Service Manager

Abbey joined the New Market Waste team in 2007 as a Customer Service Representative. Abbey’s primary focus is on handling all of our customer’s needs/concerns from scheduled service to ordering extra services as needed. Abbey thrives on getting to know our customers and vendors which enhance her ability to provide outstanding customer support. Abbey has over 18 years of Customer Service including with a paramedical company where she also gained experience in sales.

Pam Weisenhorn - Customer Service

Pam joined the New Market Waste team in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative. Pam's focus is on handling all day to day customer needs/concerns from scheduling service to helping resolve equipment repairs. Pam has over 17 years of Customer Service and inside sales experience in the waste and recycling industry. Through Pam's experience in the industry, her ability to service and resolve issues fast for our clients plays a vital role in our daily operations.

Chris Smillie- Customer Service

Chris joined the New Market Waste team in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative. Before coming to New Market Waste, she has spent years in customer service as a veterinary technician and customer service representative in veterinary hospitals. Chris graduated from Bucknell University in 2012 with a degree in English and Animal Behavior. Chris takes pride in providing the best possible care and experience to our customers, and is happy to be with a company that emphasizes the importance of customer service.

Donna Ahlum - Vendor Negotiations

Donna joined the New Market Waste team in 2007 as a Vendor Negotiation Representative. She works directly with our VP of Operations and is responsible for bidding garbage and recycling services for new customers which includes determining service levels needs. In addition, Donna works feverishly with our existing vendor network around the country to achieve the very best levels of service while maximizing the savings for our existing clients. Prior to New Market, Donna worked for 10 years as a Sales Rep for Browning Ferris Industries (now Allied Waste).

Brittany Hullander - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Brittany joined the New Market Waste team in 2009 as an Accounts Payable Specialist. After seven months, Brittany agreed to take the lead role in Accounts Receivable and has established an impressive relationship with our customers. Brittany graduated in 2008 from Queens University of Charlotte with a Business Marketing degree and Spanish concentration.

Mike Kiernan - Accounts Payable Specialist

Mike joined the New Market Waste team in 2013 as an Accounts Payable Specialist. Mike is working closely with our extensive network of garbage and recycling vendors around the country and in Canada. He graduated in 2006 from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Psychology.  Prior to joining the New Market Waste team, Mike worked for the past six years as an Assistant Golf Professional in the Charlotte area.

Katherine Blackwell - Accounts Payable Specialist

Katherine joined the New Market team in 2014 as an Accounts Payable Specialist.  She has enjoyed building a close relationship with our vendors across the country, as well as with our customer service reps and account managers here at New Market.  Katherine graduated from Western Carolina University in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology.

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