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We offer a variety of services

As management consultants to a variety of industries, New Market Waste Solutions is able to provide waste removal programs that fit the specific needs of various types of customers. From managing waste pickup among several franchise storefronts to handling the dumpsters across multiple residential housing complexes, New Market Waste Solutions can work to customize a solution to drive cost savings for any client.

Waste audits and analysis

In most cases of new or potential clients, New Market begins by performing an on-site waste audit. This process includes New Market collecting and measuring each waste/recycling item from the waste stream. Depending upon the site, a waste audit can take up to one month. After the results of our waste audit, New Market will then analyze the data and develop recommendations in order to achieve the clients goals in terms of operational and cost efficiency and reducing your environmental footprint. New Market will use not only the cost information as a baseline but also the percentage of recyclables to show the increase/effectiveness of our recycling programs. In addition, waste audits can provide valuable information with respect to our clients as it pertains to garbage generation and facility design, allowing the client to better manage their waste streams. Most important, New Market welcomes the opportunity to not only present our findings but also implement the recommendations and manage your garbage and recycling, should our services provide the cost savings and operational efficiencies you are looking for.

Garbage collection

Garbage Currently, New Market handles the garbage collection for thousands of customer sites. We proudly work with customers that have a single property to hundreds regionally and around the country. Our footprint is truly nationwide and our experience extends to just about every industry including financial services, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, energy/utilities, hotels, healthcare, and multifamily housing. What’s the benefit to hiring New Market to develop and manage your garbage program? Here are the highlights:

  • A customized solution to maximize the efficiencies in the operations and logistics of your business.
  • Savings that can average 25% which directly impact the bottom line improving your profitability. That’s in addition to the savings you would experience in reduced overhead if we were to manage your garbage needs for you.
  • New Market’s access to a nationwide network of best-in-class haulers/vendors ensuring the absolute best service levels and our buying power guarantees the lowest rates possible.
  • A single point of contact, meaning, no matter how many properties you have and haulers that service those properties, you have only one phone call to make to handle all of your needs.
  • We are available 24/7 to deal with any issue that may arise whether it’s the need for additional services or to handle emergency situations.

Other benefits include sustainability reporting, waste audits, contract negotiation, and consulting services to on all aspects of garbage collection and recycling as your business grows and evolves. New Market is dedicated to offering a customized solution for our customers that saves them money and allows them to focus on the more important aspects of their business. We believe that our testimonials speak to New Market’s ability to deliver just that.


Since 1992, the principals of New Market have been implementing and developing customized recycling programs of all sizes including cardboard, plastic and shrink wrap, scrap metal, Styrofoam, and e-waste.

New Market provides Sustainability Reports for each of our clients to show site by site what type of materials are being recycled and the quantity of the material, allowing our customers to see the impact/success of their recycling efforts in a more quantifiable manner. For companies seeking to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified these reports provide the detail to support those efforts.

Benefits of recycling:

  • Reduced reliance on landfills which spares the land and reduces pollution/contamination
  • Reduced waste removal costs as recyclables are removed from solid waste stream
  • Cost effective for manufacturers – reduced energy and raw material needs
  • Saves trees which helps avoid the consumption of our forests and other natural resources
  • Generate Revenue Potential for clients

New Market is connected to all local, state and municipal governments to ensure that our clients meet all rules and regulations. We can design a program that fits your operational needs and space constraints and maximize your cost savings.


New Market is on the cutting edge of industry trends and there is no denying that composting is gaining a substantial amount of momentum. Composting is the process of recycling organic material which typically is viewed as food scraps and yard waste. Like other recycling programs, we can help customers be environmentally sensitive and lower their garbage collection costs by removing food waste from the garbage stream that would normally be headed to the landfill. By doing so, we save landfill space and reduce your costs of disposal, sometimes significantly due to the heavy weight of the food waste. We can tailor a program for your company to determine the most efficient composting plan which includes space requirements for collection bins and educating your staff on waste separation. While this is a growing niche in the environmental sector, food composting has not become mainstream in all geographic areas but we can help to determine your opportunities.

Wood recycling

Wood New Market recognizes the benefits of the recycling of wood and wood pallets from an environmental standpoint as well as a standpoint of saving our customers money on their garbage removal program. We actively work with large corporations to remove wood and wood pallets from their solid waste disposal stream and redirect that material to more environmentally friendly uses. We strive to minimize the waste being hauled to landfills which is great for the environment and much more cost efficient for our customers as their garbage hauling charges can be substantially reduced. In some cases, recycling can become a source of revenue depending on the type and quantity of the material and the demand in the market place for that material. Pallets that are in good usable condition have value that can potentially be monetized. In addition, wood waste can be ground into chips and used for a variety of applications such as mulch, but the growing need is in energy recovery or “Bio Mass” where electricity generators can use the material and reduce their use of fossil fuels. With so much emphasis on “going green” and the ever increasing efforts to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, let us work with you to develop a customized wood recycling program and reduce your waste disposal costs.

Grease trap maintenance and rendering

Grease New Market offers a solution that relieves businesses from the time and risk associated with grease trap maintenance. We can help your company ensure compliance with all local regulations associated with grease management and disposition. Over the years, New Market has developed an impressive nationwide network of trusted and certified providers in grease trap maintenance, pumping, and grease rendering. Our reputation rests on the quality of our vendors who pump the entire tanks while working hard to make sure you have the very best service. We understand that it is critical to your business for grease traps to be working correctly and collected on schedule.  We can work with all types of businesses from a single office building to regional and national companies with hundreds of locations. We also serve sensitive governmental institutions and universities with substantial needs for a grease management program.

Universal Waste

New Market Waste has partnered with Veolia Environmental Services to offer companies the opportunity to recycle fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, computer electronics and mercury containing items.  Over the past few years, federal, state, and local regulations concerning spent lighting and electronic equipment have become increasinling complex.  Our partnership with Veolia will provide companies cost-effective solutions for large and small quantities of universal waste, along with an industry-leading environmental liability protection.  On-time pickups and unbeatable customer service is guaranteed, on top of knowing 99% of the mercury is recovered!  Being proactive and setting up a program to recycle your mercury containing products is vitally important for your company as well as the environment.  For a universal waste program designed specifically for your company, do not hesitate to call New Market for more information and let us guide you in the right direction!

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