Our Process:

  1. Site Audits:
    • Comprehensive review of proposed worksite and evaluation of practical waste solutions.
  2. Video & Photo Catalog:
    • We document everything from the start so there's no guesswork.
  3. Invoice & Contract Review:
    • We'll take care of external billing incurred by your unique waste disposal and recycling services.
  1. Market Research:
    • We’ll never make suggestion that’s not backed by empirical data. Every step of your personalized waste management plan culminates through substantiated reporting.
  2. Diversion Opportunities:
    • If there’s an opportunity to turn your waste into income, we’ll help you capitalize on it.
  3. Right Sizing Equipment & Service:
    • You need the right equipment to get the job done. We take the time to assess which equipment is precisely aligned to achieve your unique goals.
  4. Vendor Options:
    • Our team is full of qualified professionals. We’ll walk you through all your options step-by-step.
  5. Price Negotiations:
    • Don’t worry about obtaining the best rates. We’ll take care of that for you.
  1. Meet with Management:
    • Our company is founded on excellent communication and relationships. Our account managers are always available and ready to assist.
  2. Conservative Changes:
    • We’ll identify areas of improvement you may have missed and work them into your waste solution services for your review.
  3. Detailed Service Plan:
    • Know exactly what you’re paying for. Our exhaustive overview of services will bring you up to speed seamlessly.
  4. Benefit Details:
    • Making you happy is our priority. That’s why we take a moment to personally introduce you to the impact your individualized waste solution strategy will have on your company.
  1. Manage Incoming & Exiting Vendors:
    • We’ll show you exactly how to oversee your new waste and recycling management team!
  2. Consolidated Billing:
    • We make billing easy. Allow us to handle all service payments and you only get one bill.
  3. Single Point of Contact:
    • Forget the hassle of talking to multiple people to get the job done. We make sure you only have one phone call to make to get everything you need done.
  4. Onsite Education:
    • We make managing your all-in-one waste solution a breeze with onsite training.
  5. Sustainability Reporting:
    • In the market for LEED certification? We’ll help you get there. Command extensive reporting at your fingertips.
  6. Contract Management:
    • For the life of your contract with us, we’ll continue managing the details of your off-site team haulers and waste solution workers.


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