Purchase High Quality Equipment below Retail Cost 


New Market Waste is a top national dealer for the most high quality equipment manufacturers. Our partnerships with our manufacturers allow us to help our customers reduce their costs and time involved with capital projects like equipment. We take pride in providing the best options for our clients depending on the customers’ needs. Our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. We handle the entire equipment process from architectural drawings to installation as well as all warranty and preventative maintenance after install.  

Maintenance and Repair Services  

noun_maintenance_392267.pngWe offer a national repair program to all clients who need assistance or are looking for better service. Our preferred technicians are pre-screened by our team. Our techs can repair all types of trash and recycling equipment and perform installs, warranty repairs, site surveys, preventative maintenance programs, and provide training for your staff. We also track the history of your equipment as well occurrences during and after the warranty period.   

Take Advantage of Our National Rental Programs  

SolutionsAsset 1.pngWe offer a national rental program that provides for a turnkey installation of your specific need equipment onsite to help simplify operations and improve sustainability efforts while keeping costs minimal. Our rental program frees your sites from the stress of repair costs or major capital purchases. All mechanical repairs are covered under the monthly rental rate thus helping site budgets stay consistent. We offer a five-year rental program on new and hassle-free refurbished equipment.   

Lease Equipment Options 

Asset 2lease.pngFor clients who wish to purchase new equipment, but prefer payment plans, NMWS can offer a three-year and five-year lease programs that allows you to own the equipment at the end of the terms with a $1 buyout or market buyout. All equipment warranties are the same as a purchase option. 

Customized Designs for Unique Waste Solutions

With over 200 years of combined noun_custom design_1555241.pngexperience in the trash and recycling world, we can share and design new systems for clients to fit their company's needs. We provide an array of services such as working with your architects on CAD drawings, layouts, and streamlining the design process for trash & recycling. We focus on safety features to ensure the safety of your staff & reduce the risk of injury and liability. Low ceilings or small trash rooms already built? We can design custom equipment that is not widely available to fit your specific needs and help to improve your current operations. Our partnerships with manufacturers across the globe allows us to give you the best options that fit your needs.   

Audit Before You Buy 

noun_Audit_1371219.pngIf you are wondering what the best options for your site are, we would love to come and meet your team, walk your site to determine your needs and best options, and explain the process from equipment installation to operation. We can evaluate existing equipment and let you know what risks and safety features might need to be added to help your staff operate under OSHA and ANSI laws as well.  

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