Frequently Asked Questions

‚ÄčWhat are your hours of operation?

  • At New Market Waste, there is always a team on-call to assist with your needs regardless of the time. Our standard hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 830am-630pm EST. You can also email the customer service team at or call 1.800.670.7747.
  • If assistance is needed outside of those hours, please call 1.800.670.7747 and leave a message and the call will be returned by the staff on-call.

Can you help manage our locations even if they are in a franchise city where the waste haulers are dictated by the local municipality?

  • Yes, even in a franchise market, the solution that New Market offers is still valuable to our clients. Although the rates are non-negotiable, New Market is still able to analyze services, audit invoices, and provide the support needed to maintain an efficient waste and recycling program. 

We recently signed new waste agreements. Can New Market still help?

  • Absolutely. Despite where you are in your contract phase with waste companies, New Market can still help manage the programs. We can still negotiate within the terms of those agreements as well as help with right-sizing, diversion, and sustainability reporting

Who is responsible for paying our waste invoices?

  • New Market will pay all your waste and recycling invoices in advance on your behalf. This gives our team the ability to audit every line item and work to secure credits when needed. The waste and recycling industry has a high billing rate error and most of these errors go unnoticed. Our team of experts can efficiently audit the billing and ensure no unnecessary price increases have been passed through.

What areas do you offer service?

  • New Market Waste services locations in all fifty states as well Canada and Puerto Rico.

Do we lose control by turning over the management to New Market?

  • Not at all. We want you to consider us as an extension of your property management team. We are your partner and we use our expertise to make recommendations. We will not make any changes to your services without full approval first.

Are there certain waste haulers or recyclers that you prefer to work with?

  • While we do have stronger relationships with some vendors than others, we only work for you. We will make recommendations for programs that give each of your locations the best value and the best service in each geographical area. We leverage our experience and buying power to secure the best rate and drive as much savings as possible to your bottom line.

What is required of our team to implement the New Market program?

  • The New Market team will handle much of the implementation process.  Our process is designed to ensure there is no burden on the client. We need a few pieces of basic site information to get started and our team drives the process going forward. Once our program is implemented, our clients begin both saving time and money.

Can you consolidate our invoices?

  • Yes, New Market can consolidate all your waste invoices. This includes not only your standard waste invoices, but also invoices for recycling, shredding, composting, grease reclamation, and non-hazardous waste.

Is there a benefit from working with New Market if we have a national contract with another hauler?

  • National haulers claim to give “discounts” if you give them control over all your locations on a national level. This is not the case. National haulers have enormous overhead and are not loyal to their customers, but to their stockholders. They are also only giving you options for assets that they own (their equipment, their landfills, their recycling facilities). New Market’s ability to mix and match assets amongst various haulers and recyclers to give you the best program for each of your locations. We use our knowledge of market-specific rates and national buying power to ensure both the best value and best service at every one of your sites.

Do we call the vendors for service or do we call New Market directly?

  • All calls regarding any of your waste and recycling centers should be directed to the New Market team. We want to free up as much time for our clients as possible. We will contact all the haulers on your behalf. This ensures the correct vendors are contacted and the correct services are requested. We will track the progress of those requests and ensure our clients are updated accordingly. 


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